Now, there are basically two reasons for keeping the metrics of a business. 

First is for tax purposes, and the second is for making decisions about the business.

If all you want is to be able to file taxes, you may get by with working thru it on your own, possibly using Excel or even just pencil and paper.

But, if you want to really know your business’s numbers so you can grow it, you need to use an approach which can give you more insight into your business. You need an accounting platform such as QuickBooks. I can help.

Bookkeeping Services

QuickBooks subscription included (monthly) unless you have your own

Add transactions to QuickBooks and reconcile 3-6 accounts (Quarterly, Monthly, or Weekly)

Inventory tracking (if needed)

Preparation of financial statements (Quarterly or Monthly)

Custom report(s) (Quarterly or Monthly)

Budgeting and Benchmarking (Quarterly)

30-60 minutes of video or phone conferencing (Quarterly or Monthly)

Unlimited email support

Communication with your accountant as needed

Help the DIY-er get set up and answer your questions

My service is completely online with data safely stored in the cloud. The software I use, QuickBooks and related apps, have bank level security. I respect your privacy, do not tolerate SPAM and will not sell, rent, lease or give away your information to any third party.