Know your numbers,
know your business

Bookkeeping provides the metrics of your business

Nine "need to's" bookkeeping can provide for you:

Do you need to:

… do your taxes while getting the largest number of legal tax deductions possible?

… know which products/services of your business are the most profitable?

… know where the money in your business  is coming from and going to?

… have the right information to set up  and then track performance on a budget?

… pay yourself the most your business can provide?

… make the most productive decisions for your business’s future?

… know your business’s worth if you want to sell it or ask others to invest in it?

… have peace of mind & confidence you’re doing these things the best way possible?

… just have a good idea of how your business is doing?

My business’s end products are the reports which provide information about your business’s metrics. I’ll take your transaction information on a weekly/monthly basis, organize it into QuickBooks, then create the reports and walk you through them to provide an objective view of your business.


Whether you are just starting your business and need to have your books set up, or you’ve been in business for a while but your books need a major clean-up, or your books are in great shape but you need a new bookkeeper because your current one is retiring, I can help you.

as a business owner you have a million things to worry about and bookkeeping shouldn't be one of them.

Hi, I’m Dave